The Girls Room!

Well, it’s been done for over a week, but it just takes time to get pictures taken….

I’m like that, I’ve noticed.

For example the chairs and gaucho linen pants I posted about as “WIP’s months ago, are finished (look Miss Seven is wearing hers in this caterpillar photo) …. I just haven’t taken photos to share….. once it’s done and passed to the kid, it’s in a flurry of usage and I only remember I wanted to share it with you all as I toss into the washing machine…… hmmm….

So, better late than never…. here are some photos of the girls room. All that’s left to remodel inside is two bathrooms and some little things in the kitchen. No sweat right? Yeah, I know all of you that have remodeled a bathroom are snickering under your breath right now…. shhh! I am not listening….

So….. the girls chose this awesome vintagey blue…. I love it. LOVE it. Joe took the closet doors down and built a work area for them, which is also fabulous…. see the little yellow chair in there? In the next few weeks we’ll be setting up a sewing station for them with my old machine……

girls room 1

girls room 2

art display


reading girl

So what’s what? I love seeing room redo’s and finding out what people used…. the beds, as some of you may have guessed are from IKEA. They extend…. which is great because a 7 year old doesn’t need a full size bed and we can shrink it down to give them more play space. The tree art is a vintage embroidery from my friend. The dressers are both old. The dark one we recently found for $100 at an antique shop. It’s got beautiful engraving on the top drawers and all tongue & groove joints in the drawers. Solid little piece. The tan dresser was in Joe’s house when he was little…. we rescued it from the shed of his parents about 12 years ago. It had survived a house fire and Joe spent hours cleaning it up! My mom laminated some nature posters for the girls and the vinyl wall stickers I won in a blog giveaway forever ago. Lastly, and most important, is the quilt on Miss Seven’s bed. It was given to us last summer by my Aunt Lori, an amazing quilter…. and when you have a small twin bed, like Miss Seven, a lap quilt is just the right size. She put that quilt on her bed a few months ago, declared it was hers, and that is where it’s been since!

{Thank you Aunt Lori 🙂}

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!




he sat.

he sat, and he sat,

and watched, never tiring of the big yellow machine.

Do you suppose I could contact the city and have them come by twice a week? I sure got a lot done as my busy little guy sat planted in the kitchen window fully engrossed in the machine. 

(and now you know how often I do a window cleaning….)


He’s Crafty…..

Truly, I can take very little credit for the following photos. Well, actually I can take full credit for the photos, but the on goings within is all that guy I live with. That husband of mine. Elbow deep in clay and gettin' his creative groove on. The handles of the doors in our home and the laundry room are full of bits of clay from the weekend. A dad & his kids. It was a good messy fun. A whole lot of it…..     

crafty man

potters bench

girl at work

his zen



little potter 


pots & such


a peek in the kiln

first batch complete

The last few weeks have been full of clay molding, drying, firing, glazing and more firing. Resulting in our first completed batch of pottery this weekend.  The beautiful handmade potters bench created by Joe has been perfect for throwing pots on the wheel.

He's crafty. I kinda like that.


getting dirty

So what’s the difference between a mainstream person and one of us sustainable crunchy diy’er types?

We like to get dirty.

I was thinking of this the other day after I hauled this beauty of a chair home. I paid $10 for it at the local junk store…. it was sadly cowering in the corner…. covered with years of garage grime and dust. The once woven seat had been replaced by wood. One of the rungs is mia. It has at least three layers of paint. But look at her curves, isn’t she pretty? And sturdy too…… who doesn’t love a sturdy girl? It’s just the kind of chair a kid can stand on to reach the hidden cookies and jump off of while being a superhero. 

I couldn’t leave her there…..


kinda scrubby


gettin' there 

{a l l     p h o t o s     t a k e n     b y     J o e}


So home she came….. and 45 minutes of scrubbing later she was standing up straighter and even smiling a bit, I just know it. She got some pretty new felt pads on her feet and now she’s sitting at the desk in the girls room. (which I’ll share very soon

I hate using public restrooms….. but I will happily scrub 20 years of grime off a chair, with a smile on my face. I love dirt under my fingernails and stained into the cracks of my hands. I make my own cleaning solutions and cloth diapered and regularly look through other folk’s garbage curb freebies. We make our own flour and bread and pizza and the list goes on and on. I don’t wear shoes 6 months out of the year……

I like to get dirty. I like to feel the earth beneath my feet. The soil in my hands. The wheat berries on the floor…. the smell of chickens makes me smile. I can clean a fish and can’t wait to raise my own meat birds some day. My minivan has hauled farm critters, hay, soil, plywood and gallons upon gallons of paint. 

We like life messy. 

So, a big cheers to all my fellow dirty folks out there! We’re some pretty rockin’ people.


casualties of flour making….

There are wheat berries everywhere.

Under the dishwasher, stove, table, rug…..

In between the toes of the suspect….

"I was just helping mama."  

4 cups of wheat berries make an amazing mess when the grinder flies off the kitchen aid mixer and the tiny little berries fly off with it. Resulting in a very large noise followed by sound of wheat berries spraying the floors and countertops and plopping into the nearby water dish for the dog.

Well, the kitchen floor needed swept anyway……….


oh my, what a mess....

And no one was hurt…..

So we (or more accurately, I) cleaned up….. continued our flour making….. and later on after sitting in my bed reading the little culprit a story, I got up to see wheat berries on it? A quick check revealed they had also made their way into the cuffs of my shorts and pockets too….. oh my…. I do believe we will be finding these around for quite some time…..



What a week.

I do so much appreciate the kind emails and comments…. thank you.

All is well here… we just had one of those crazy busy weeks. Figuring out high school class schedules… lockers…. bus schedules…… school supplies…. on top of the usual music lessons and scouts and day to day stuff. So many things pulling us in a dozen directions….. but I think we've adjusted…. even to the weekday waking of 5:30. My goodness that's early.

And really, I'm just a sentimental fool. I get all choked up about birthdays after all, so the first day of high school?? My oh my. I do hope not to embarrass my sweet boy, but I swear, just yesterday he looked like this….


mustache boy circa 2000
      the amazing mustache boy ~ circa 2000


And last Wednesday, I drove my 5 foot 9 boy to school and dropped him at the front door. Somehow, I think it's a big "no-no" to walk them in. I gave a wave, drove away and stopped a bit short and snapped this photo. (embarrassing mother of the year, that's me!) No one saw, I promise. I could have cropped it, but I thought you needed the car door in the corner to get the full effect of my motherly craziness.



 freshman ~ 2010


This spring, after 3 years of homeschooling, the Eldest wanted to return to school. We agreed it was a good decision for him….. and while in a perfect world it would be some funky unique charter school…. it isn't. It's the local public high school. With dress codes. A lot of rules. Punky kids. Too much homework. And plenty of good stuff too, I know. Drama club, football games, school dances and more……

I could dig my heels in, but it wouldn't slow any of this down…. in four short years we'll be watching him grin with a cap and gown on. By then, he'll likely be taller than his dad…. and able to hoist me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. And after that he'll be off on his own adventure…. in the meantime we've got the murky waters of "teen" to wade through. Which I hope we can handle with understanding and grace… 

And really, my hope of hopes….. is that in a few short years, when he's off starting his own story…. he takes a minute to send me a post card…. because at some point I'm going to have to stop taking pictures from the car like paparazzi.