31 days of Quiet : 1

I am taking a little break.

From writing words here, that is. 

I plan to spend some time journaling, working, brushing up on some photography and we seem to have a heap of things going on in the house right now…..

so this space will be a bit quieter. 

I'll pop in daily with one word…. inspired by NaBloPoMo's march theme.

And at least several times a week with a single photo to share….

keeping it simple…

if you feel inspired to do the same from time to time…. here is an amazing list of words. Wow, right?

And even though I all ready rambled on a bit much about being quiet…. (ironic isn't it?)

I still want to pick a word for today…..


{s p a c e}


{I'll be back to sharing a year of good things once a week in April, until then please do visit the group and join us there if you wish.}