if you can’t find it, make it…….

I spent a good deal of time this winter trying to find a fresh herb CSA in our area. There is a lovely one in Western Massachusetts, but their drop offs were all in locations over an hour away from us. On Fridays. Which can get pretty crazy in the summer vacation traffic surge we see around here.

My goal this summer was to start a Community Supported Herbalism project. I want to create access for others to fresh organic herbal products. While I do have access to some wonderful land for wildcrafting….. there are also so many lovely cultivated plants I wanted to work with.

Then I had an idea. If I couldn't find a grower, I would become the grower….

Herb seedlings

Herb bed

Herb bed 2

Herb bed 3

Chive flowers

This year in our garden, aside from 4 cherry tomato plants and a row of peas…… the rest is ALL herbs. (we're fortunate to have a wonderful csa that provides us with fresh vegetables all year!) A good handful were perennials that came back from last summer, but the bulk was sourced throughout my area from small farms and friends. And the weeds were free…. goodness I have a lot of weeding to do this week!

This is what we currently grow on our little one-acre plot (wild & cultivated):

Chamomile, comfrey, catnip, echinacea, nettle, goldenrod, lemon balm, jewelweed, red clover, tobacco, yarrow, teasel, horseradish, lavender, calendula, poke, dandelion, violet, elderberry, valerian, st. john's wort, holy basil (tulsi), rue, spilanthes, peppermint, spearmint, white sage, bee balm, mugwort, marshmallow, plus some culinary favorites : cilantro, chocolate mint, pineapple sage, culinary sage, dill, thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley, chives & basil.

I spent the weekend tucking the new ones into the garden with a little prayer, feeling so grateful to have this bounty to teach me over the next few months. I always learn so much more about a plant when I am able to see it and touch it. I feel grateful to have found such an incredible selection of herbs all grown within an hour of our homestead and can't wait to make fresh herbal products all summer right from my backyard.

I look forward to sharing garden walks and recipes with you as we go along.



PS – Signups for the CSH begin tomorrow. We have very limited membership this year, so if you are interested act quickly!


so quiet…….



Ground ivy

Red clover





A few pictures from my walk around the homestead this morning. Spring is being a show-off.

Joe took the youngest two north to the farm for the weekend and I'm here with the big two. Which is almost like being alone for the bulk of the day as they run from work to friends….

I had a meeting Friday and class all day tomorrow so I stayed behind. I've been getting text updates ranging from how Sophie found a mouse and babies to Luke talking too much and needing his own camper. There was a phone call about a few people getting lost and meeting the neighbors behind us, which is no easy task on 30 acres, but we'll just forget about that one for now. I asked them to take pictures of the apple tree and really of anything with blossoms. I hate missing a trip up there, but I needed a chunk of work time so badly. I've been in the studio getting caught up on soap and goods in the shop. With no one to feed or keep from turning the entire house into a blanket fort, I sure can get a lot accomplished. 

It's awfully quiet though. And neither Maggie nor I like that part too much. Every time I run an errand and return she runs past me to the van and looks in for her "puppies". She does not approve of them being gone so long. She sat in the studio and stared at me for a good half hour the first night as if to say hey, you realize we're missing something, right?

So off I go. Hoping to get at least 3 batches of soap made today along with some other things that I can't tell you about just yet. Product development is top secret around here……

Happy Saturday friends.




something new………



This is the pre-launch teaser for the project we have going on. We're starting a CSH : Community Supported Herbalism! Much like a vegetable CSA – Our CSH members will receive shares of handcrafted herbal goods at each change of the season to nourish and support them through the next one. We're already crafting up exclusive apothecary items made from locally wildcrafted plants for our summer delivery. Sign ups will be limited to only 18 members. Be sure to join our newsletter as we'll be announcing registration there first.

More details in a few weeks….