Alaska 2016 – A few favorites…..


We traveled to Alaska in September to visit family and friends, the youngest two & I. These days we only get up there every other year, so the time spent hanging out is all the more precious. I posted on instagram during our visit – and this collection is my favorite photos from that.

It seemed so strange going with just these two – and also so easy after years of having twice as many kids with me. We managed to pack in so many adventures and so much time making memories with people we love. So many of my friends are having babies or have little ones and I loved hanging out watching them getting their mama groove on. There was a trip to a remote cabin on the beach. Knitting. Baby showers. So many seafood dinners. Hikes. Lots of coffee with mom. Time with my sweet nephews. It was such a good visit and my heart is full listening to my kids tell stories from their adventures to friends here as we settle back into home…..

More soon.