nothing much……






The last few weeks have been a blur of activity.

Birthdays, visitors, beach trips, fall festivals, apple picking, our oldest moving back to the East Coast…….

(The sweet little girls in this photo turned 15 & 19 – oh my. Plus look at that belly, ha!)

Joe had knee surgery the first of the month and has been home resting. He's just now walking around a little – it was a much tougher recovery than he anticipated. Also, he is a terrible "sitter". For someone who doesn't knit or really enjoy reading…. that pretty much leaves watching tv. I think by the third day he was done with both Netflix and the internet! Uffda.

To add excitement to the chaotic one parent circus – I pulled a muscle in my back attempting to weigh the dog – she's 73 pounds, in case you wondered. Which apparently is a few too many pounds for me to hold and balance on a bathroom scale. Sometimes the decision maker part of my brain fails me, what can I say? So I've been stretching and hanging out with a heating pad. I might be better at sitting than Joe, but I'm a bear when I feel like I "can't" do all the things

We've made quite the pair.

If you can imagine Joe and me walking, both sort of hobbling and laughing, trying to loosen up our stiff muscles – – – that's about the extent of any excitement here. You just have to laugh, it sure beats complaining.

I have had a great deal of guilt-free Pinterest time. So there is that. 

Speaking of Pinterest….. before I killed my back, I made these pumpkin bars, and they were the-bomb-dot-com. (Joe says I can't say this, so I'm saying it ALL the time now.)

I'm off for my hourly mini yoga session to free up these creaky muscles.