new farm baby….

My sister-in-law turned 50 earlier this month. She shares my love for a lot of things. Kids, food, flowers, gardening, and animals. All the good stuff. I spent the two weeks leading up to her birthday searching for a kitten in need of a home.

On the morning of her birthday a friend connected me to someone who had rescued a litter of three super fluffy kitties the night before. The woman said I could have my pick because none were spoken for yet. I popped over to pick one out for my SIL and was greeted with this face….

maine coon kitten

His two siblings were equally as cute and fluffy. What’s better than one kitten for your birthday? Two, of course. So I told her I would take all three. This little guy stayed with us and the other two were met with much excitement as a surprise birthday gift.

fluffy kitten

The kids named him Neptune. Our tiny, fluffy, King of Sea. He’s making us laugh and everyone is enjoying his snuggly + sweet personality. A wispy 22 ounces when we brought him home, he now weighs just over two pounds. Gosh they grow quickly. In the last week he’s made friends with Elwood, our other male cat who is just barely a year old. They wrestle like you would expect a set of brothers to do and we are grateful they are friends and also grateful Elwood is helping to use up some of that crazy kitten energy!

baby neptune kitty

So now we are a four! cat! house! (oh my) – no more baby animals for a good long while!

Welcome little Neptune, we’re so glad you landed here with us.