the tiny house : part 2

Joe is away at a two-week resident/camping Permaculture Design course in Vermont. I attended a Regenerative Cannabis course on the same farm two summers ago. The whole time I was there, I just kept thinking that Joe had to see it. With patchy service, I haven’t talked to him much, just enough to know he’s met some super cool folks and is having a really great time. He works so hard around here, I’m really glad he’s getting a break (even if it’s on another farm, ha!) and I’m excited to see what kind of knowledge he brings home to share + implement on the farm.

One of our hopes in building this first tiny house (and eventually a few more) is to create space here on the farm for visitors. We have dreams of offering nature/art/farm retreats. Being immersed in the wild is increasingly becoming a lost relationship for humans, and we want to share this little slice of wild with other folks. It’s easier to care for + protect this beautiful planet we live on if we fall in love with it.

So, back to the tiny house….. Joe scrambled to finish the interior and get most of the roof on before he left. Jade and her partner painted the walls, floor, and used an eco friendly oil to seal the loft, ceiling and windowsills. We wanted a soft palette of colors so the outdoors stayed the focal point. We also wanted to reflect as much light as possible with it being off grid and having limited solar lighting. We are all so thrilled with how it came out…….

We plan to build a covered porch next, and figure out a toilet setup of some sort (composting). For now, the new tenants have settled in nicely and they are enjoying the quiet + peaceful view over there.


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