shawl knitting slow & steady…..

Yarning along with Ginny today….

Color affection shawl

The shawl is coming along slowly now. I'm at the last big block/section, short rows and stripes. It's almost up to 300 stitches…. so it's getting close. Over halfway for sure. Of course, every now and then I lose count of what row I am on and I'm sure I've goofed up a couple of increases. I think It won't matter much in the end anyhow (I hope). The colors look like spring…. and they go together pretty well even though I purchased them on two separate occasions (all the same yarn though). And then there is blocking to think about…. I've never blocked a thing, and this shawl is going to need it. All of my sweaters and other knits so far were just worn as is. Any easy tips? Tools that make it easy? I'm all ears knitterly friends….

And the book – gasp – it's the really the sweetest. Luke has been reading it on his own, and sometimes to me. I've been encouraging him to read a chapter each day and tell me about it. It's slow going, like the shawl I guess, but we're getting there….