handmade holiday gifting {1}


I don't want to alarm any of you. But do you know what today is?

Six weeks until Christmas.

Well, six weeks and three days to be exact. I usually notice it's almost Christmas sometime around December 10th. And then I'm trying to pull together a whole lot of handmade gifts and I'm running crazy getting things ready. It's insane. This year I'm trying to be more mindful. And while I know you super organized ones are weeks ahead of me on this handmade gift thing, a girl has to start somewhere. 


For the next six Mondays I'll be sharing a post on diy handmade gifts. Mostly super simple. Minus a patchwork project that may find it's way in here.

Happy crafting friends!


handmade holiday gifting {1}

handmade holiday gifting {1}

handmade holiday gifting {1}

handmade holiday gifting {1}

handmade holiday gifting {1}


Lavender, Chamomile & Oat Bath Sachets

These simple sachets are quick & easy to sew up. They make a lovely addition to a gift basket or thoughtful hostess gift for winter parties. Oats & chamomile are soothing to dry or irritated skin, and dried flowers offer a subtle scent when steeped in a hot bath.


1/4 yard cotton muslin or lightweight linen

1 cups oats

1/4 cup dried chamomile flowers

1/4 cup dried lavender flowers


thread for stitching


Directions :: Cut the fabric into 4 inch squares, one quarter yard should yield roughly 20 4 inch squares. Starting at the top right corner, stitch all the way around a square, sewing each of the four corners, but leaving the top open for stuffing. Repeat with each set of squares.

Mix together the oats and chamomile flowers in a bowl. Spoon 2 Tablespoons of the oat & flower mixture into each square.

Stitch the top closed, being sure to backstitch over the seam on both corners. Trim long threads. For the look above, trim the sachet edge with pinking shears for a nice finished look.

Muslin or another more open weave fabric, even cheese cloth, is best for these sachets as you want the healing oats to steep and let their goodness into the warm water. Get creative! Try other dried flowers like lavender and rose, or add a few drops of essential oil to each sachet. Use one to two bags in a tub of warm water for a soothing bath. Gently scrub your skin before getting out for an herbal exfoliation.

I like to make a half dozen and present them in a mason jar tied with pretty ribbon as a gift.

Makes 10 sachets.





p.s. we'll be making all the things you see in that last photo over the next few weeks!


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